Weekend in Tarija

Tarija, sucursal del cielo

There’s nowhere better than Tarija for taking a quick and relaxing break. This tour is designed so that the whole family but also the couples or a group of friend can enjoy the smiling city with our 3 stars circuits: city tour, chapaco country tour & vinyards.

Chapaco country tour

We’ll visit the best sights of the city: churchs, parks and the architectonical heritage. In the country side we’ll visit the historical village of San Lorenzo, home of our hero Eustaquio Mendez (museum), the antic church and the local market where you will enjoy the famous “rosquetes”, a traditional pastry. We’ll then follow to the Lajas community until the Coimata waterfall and the to the San Jacinto dam to apreciate his 750 Ha mirror of water.

Wine & Singani tour

Enjoy a visit to Tarija’s vineyards, considered to be among the highest in the world, located at elevations of 1,800 and 2,200 meters above sea level. Stumble across a landscape of vineyards set against the backdrop of the Andes. Climatic conditions are unique: soils and sun combine with cool nights to create grapes of singular flavors, ones that lead to wines with fragrant aromas and fruity tastes.



3 days/2 nights.


We recommended that you travel in comfortable clothing, hat, sunglasses, and use sun block or suntan lotion.

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