Altiplanic Tarija and Camino del inca

It is a unique experience to enjoy the high plains of Tarija, and to hike on a stone walkway built by the Incas along majestic Andean landscapes.

This tour combines:

The other Tarija (high plains):

At an altitude of 3,700 meters above sea level, visitors can explore the magic of the community of Tajzara in the midst of sand dunes, lagoons brimming with pink flamingos, agricultural terraces, Inca ruins, a colonial church, llama barns, and local artisanal weavers who use natural fibers to create articles of clothing of original colors and designs.

Camino del Inca (the Inca walkway)

The second day, we descend on a stone walkway built by the Incas, from Tajzara to the community of Pinos Sud, located at an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level. This 20 kms.- long walk takes hikers along stunning Andean landscapes and through different ecological zones (high plains, valley peaks, and central valleys).

Note: See description of each tour in Tarija altiplánica and Camino del Inca.



Admission to the area, lodging (1 night), meals, disposal bags, private transportation and specialized tour guide.


Two days.


wear comfortable shoes, backpack with personal effects, hat, sunblock. Visitors need to be in good physical health and not have back, knee or heart problems. Confirm reservation 48 hrs. prior to the tour.

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